duties of a soldier in nigeria

are places the enemy forces usually target. Having the protection of the army is one thing many citizens crave for and Nigeria is not left out, as their soldiers have been put in place to make sure that all these are carried out successfully. They are to protect the country from external aggression, they have been several threats which have been thrown to the country, we believe the Nigerian army has been trained to face external threats and make sure that they take care of it at all costs. “From the onset of the ENDSARS protest, there was no time personnel of 81 Division Nigerian Army Lagos, were involved. The FCT Administration said only those on official duties are allowed movement in the territory during the 14-day curfew imposed by the president, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) Even in the time of peace and serenity, the Nigerian Army must remain on its toes. Alhassan jibrin. Owk.nigerian soldier’s…p.o.p.around d corner ur pryer is needed. The Nigerian army carries out recruitment every year… See this post to get the latest updates about it. To perform any other duties mentioned in the National Assembly’s Act … However, there’s so much more to what they do. Today is Nigerian Armed Forces Remembrance Day! The Nigerian Army is functionally organized into combat arms, which are infantry and armored; the combat support arms, which are artillery, engineers, and signals; the combat support services comprise the Nigerian Army Medical Corps, supply and transport, ordinance and finance. by Garba Muhammad. Nigerian Army Weapons And Equipment – What To Know, List Of Army Barracks In Nigeria And Their Locations, List of Prisons in Nigeria, Types, and Names, NPOWER PAYMENT PLAN – MONTHLY SALARY STIPEND, NIGERIA PRISON SERVICE SALARY STRUCTURE AND PAY SLIP. Here they are: To follow the Constitution. In addition to being large, it is also one of the best equipped armed forces in Africa. They are to coordinate the enforcement of immigration laws and customs, this is one of the major reasons they are put in place to checkmate and make sure that things are carried out properly. The duties and responsibilities of people serving in the military can vary widely depending on their roles. We all know that apart from the military being armed, there are also military doctors, not just ordinary doctors but they are highly trained to perform emergency services if there is a serious issue that needs their help. Nigeria Police Force Functions or Duties. The Nigerian Army has denied reports making the rounds that the payment of uniform allowances to its officers and soldiers was aimed at inducing them to vote for a particular political party. This post provides a list of Nigeria's presidents and heads of state from 1960 till present day. The Nigerian Army is the biggest component of the Nigerian Armed Forces, so we would be talking strictly about them. To restore order if needed and in cases of insurrection. Their presence shapes the security environment. The Nigerian army took part in the UN and ECOWAS deployments in Angola, Rwanda, Somalia, and Sierra Leone. Hence the military, including the army, are tasked with the responsibility of protecting those places with higher priorities. Reply. In such cases, as we’ve seen and will continue to see, the army comes to calm the insurrections and restore peace and order in society. Respond to crisis promptly. As a matter of fact, members of the Nigerian Armed Forces have had to mount even more roles in recent times; they are now more involved in affairs related to internal security more than they used to. Above we have given you the duties of the Nigerian army; you should know that there have been massive improvements in the Nigerian army to date, from the weapons to the equipment to the personnel and others. They are to follow the constitution. Here they are: To follow the Constitution. For instance, the Jos crises that claimed dozens of Although Lance corporal is the lowest rank in the Nigerian Army, a soldier of this rank, ranks higher than a private (Privates are the newly recruited soldiers). Move over photo to zoom. After Nigeria's independence in 1960, she has had... Popular Nigerian blogger, Tunde Ednut, has AGAIN had his account suspended by Instagram. Nigerian Army is very essential to the security of the country. Gen. Sagir Musa, Director Army Public Relations, announced the designations in a statement on Saturday. There have been several questions going on about what the duties of the Nigerian Army really supposed to be. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Originating from the elements of the Royal West African Frontier Force that became Nigerian when independence was granted in 1960. ian army carries out recruitment every year… See this post to get the latest updates about it. A lot of people know that the Nigerian Army is primarily in charge of land warfare operations. The Nigerian Army (NA) is the land branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces and the largest among the armed forces. Additionally, he urged them to ensure personal safety protocols and guidelines as prescribed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) and the Lagos State Ministry of Health. It has become necessary for... 8 Functions & Duties of the Nigerian Army, Protect and dominate Nigerian territories, Defend our natural resources, historic sites, and other places of high importance. Examples include the Boko Haram war, the Biafran war, war against militants, etc. The Nigerian army is meant to protect the country’s border from any threat that is coming in, either from persons or countries. Broadly speaking the twin roles, which the police are expected to play in a society are maintenance of law and maintenance of order. Mouse over to zoom-Click to enlarge. Incredible what a great ectasy to be under commission. The incident happened on … News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the decorated generals comprising one major general and 22 brigadier generals are among the recently promoted officers by the army authorities. They also perform other duties mentioned in the National Assembly and they can be given a direct order by the president. However, the most recent change... President Muhammadu Buhari has urged Nigerians to desist from protesting because he has heard their voices. As with any huge employer, some men and women will be responsible for filing and report-keeping, and others will be responsible for training new recruits. As earlier pointed, the SSS is also charged with the protection of the President, Vice President, Senate President, Speaker of the Hous… That is, their presence alone is enough to prevent a war in the first place. Now you must be wondering what are the reasons soldiers are being placed in borders, they are placed there to check individuals that are going in and out of the country, they are meant to protect the nation from any threat coming in through from there. You should know that there is a difference between the Nigerian army and the Nigerian Armed forces, the Nigerian army comprises of the Navy, Air Force, and the Army. The Nigerian Army last night effected a major redeployment of senior officers to reinvigorate the war against terrorism and other forms of criminality in the country. My duties as contained in the party constitution article 14:8 has been breached. To restore order if needed and in cases of insurrection. – Founded in 1900, the Nigerian Army has been said to be one of the best in Africa with lots of sophisticated weapons and equipment, they have made a solid name for themselves. soldier British Cavalry 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars in full dress. Table of Contents. Similar to other Armed Forces, they play several roles in ensuring our nation remains peaceful and civilians live without fear. Train new soldiers. The Nigerian army is to make sure that all the equipment are up to date and that they are in good working conditions. £14.99 + £3.90 P&P . General. soldier group British Cavalry 13th Hussars and 7th Hussars. A hit on those places would be a big blow to Nigeria’s economy, reputation, and administration. Wanda: I have always loved the army because I first came in contact with the army through my foster dad who was a soldier; I lived with him and grew up … Even in the time of peace and serenity, the Nigerian Army must remain on its toes. Others include the military police, intelligence, physical training, chaplains, public relations and band. Military police is a military outfit, saddled with various responsibilities, which we are going to look at them together in this article. The sergeant is the rank that comes after Corporal in the hierarchy of Nigerian Army. South east is under occupation by the Nigeria forces and those who we elected have done nothing to stop the situationBut is this really a case of occupation of the south east or a case of failure of the military and police in the basic duties of a government. In Nigeria, Armed Forces Day, also known as Remembrance Day, is celebrated on January 15th. I am serving at one of the military cantonment. They are to follow the constitution. The Nigeria Police Force also has the power to prevent offence from being committed if there are rumors or threats about a crime or security issues. The Nigerian Army is notable for its efforts in curbing insurgency in Nigeria; especially Boko Haram that had a mission to bring unrest and death to innocent Nigerians. To maintain the territorial integrity of Nigeria. Major formations include the 1st Division, the 2nd Division, the 3rd Armoured Division, 81st Division, 82nd Division, and newly formed 7th Division. A noncommissioned officer’s duties are numerous and must be taken seriously. Through that, they are able to help Nigeria deter conflict and prevent enemies from achieving their political and military objectives. To protect the country’s borders. You should know that they take many responsibilities than others, they have been doing this for quite some time now, they take care of operations in land conflicts and protection of the citizens of the whole nation. The police authority will draft some of its men to the area to forestall possible breakdown of law and order. ‘Discontinue Street Protesting, I have heard your voice’ – Read President Buhari’s Speech. Another duty of the Nigerian army is to protect and dominate Nigerian territories. The Chairman of the FCT Ministerial Task team on Traffic, Ikharo Attah, handed […] Have one to sell? Boko Haram’s plot to attack Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria has been foiled by the Nigerian army, with eight suspects arrested in connection with the planned attack. The Chief of Army Staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Baratai, has tasked officers and men of the army to deal decisively with criminal elements threatening the … They do that to the point of laying down their own lives if need be. At no time did soldiers of the Nigerian Army open fire on any civilian. Historic sites and places of high importance, including but not limited to the Aso Rock, Zuma rock, etc. The State Security Service; The State Security Service (SSS), otherwise known as the Department of State Services (DSS) is the basic domestic intelligence agency of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 3. List of Security Agencies in Nigeria & Their Roles. Nigerian soldiers kill ‘three’, spark deadly protest in Kaduna. But President Buhari has simply rebuffed them with silence. The Nigerian Navy command structure today consists of the Naval Headquarters in Abuja, three operational commands with headquarters in Lagos, Calabar, and Bayelsa.Training command's headquarters are located in Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria, but with training facilities spread all over Nigeria. The Nigerian army has a more substantial presence compared to the air force or naval forces. The Nigerian army was established in the year 1900 and they took part in the Civil war with some major head of states heading them which made everything a success, though there were some setbacks during those periods they were able to scale through, they have been lots of speculations going on that the Nigerian Army has not been doing their job protecting their nation, but from our little findings we can see that they have been doing well and some changes have been made. NIMC issues new guidelines to register for NIN, How to apply for Nigerian National ID Card and get your NIN, List of all Nigeria’s Presidents & Heads of State From 1960 Till Date, Instagram Suspends Tunde Ednut’s New Account After Reaching 1M Followers, Fidelity Bank Transfer Code: Send Money to Any Bank Using USSD, Recharge And Get Paid app: How to register and how it works, Oxlade Biography, Age, Real Name, Career, List of songs, Awards, Other interesting facts. I have been blocked from receiving bank alerts on the transaction of the party”. Career News: Nigeria Army to Recruit 18,000 Soldiers Posted on Fri 27th Nov, 2020 - hotnigerianjobs.com --- (0 comments) The Nigerian Army has revealed the recruitment exercise for 18,000 soldiers in 2021 as part of moves to … It is the duty of the squad/section/team leader to account for his soldiers and ensure that they receive necessary instructions and are properly trained to perform their jobs. He perceives every Nigerian as a member of his larger family and treats everyone in the course of his duties like his blood brother or sister. ABSTRACT Though, Nigeria has ever faced series of security threatening challenges, the one caused by the activities of the Islamist sect, the Boko Haram remains quite unique in all ramifications. Thlama Matthew. Nigerian Military Ranks – The Nigerian Armed Force is what we referring to the Nigerian military Forces.This troop is the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. 1. When the information reached the army, soldiers were dispatched into the streets of Lagos in search of any and all police officers. Soldiers opened fire on Nigerians protesting against police brutality on Tuesday (October 20) in the major city of Lagos, according to four eyewitnesses who spoke to Reuters. A Nigerian newspaper and Online version of the Vanguard, a daily publication in Nigeria covering Nigeria news, Niger delta, general national news, … eze. Most people have had uncomfortable experiences with the officers of the Nigerian Police. Army soldiers may do some or all of the following: operate and maintain a variety of military equipment such as machine guns, military vehicles, and communication and signal equipment. So knowledgeable of their ranks will me respect them according to their status. Brig. The Army’s is strategically organized and equipped to respond quickly to natural or man instigated crises within and outside Nigeria. Want to know what the duties of the Nigerian Army are? Read his speech below: The Nigerian army is among the top three military organization in the country. Note that the Nigerian army may perform even more roles and duties as declared by the 1960 act that established it and other revised versions of the act. Great. X. The Nigerian army has more than 150,000 soldiers and thousands of officers, they have about six divisions and they have made the army big enough to protect the nation from any outer forces which are coming in to attack. In other words, protects Nigeria’s sovereignty and boosts trust and confidence. The Nigerian Army is governed by the Nigerian Army Council (NAC). The Nigerian army is to perform basic defensive operations, they have been trained to carry out several basic defensive operations which will be of help to them during the defense of their country. In video obtained by the news agency, people are seen running amid the sounds of gunshots. To protect the country’s borders. June 9, 2017. There are times anyway when the military also take part in such activity. In 2016 there were more than 100,000 soldiers of different ranks. They are to restore order if needed and in cases of insurrection. They are capable of providing decisive operations even at the very beginning of conflicts. The Army provides supports for the allies of Nigeria in peacekeeping missions. To maintain the territorial integrity of Nigeria. Many countries have been known to help Nigeria with lots of weapons and equipment, the Nigerian army uses the combat arms which they have the infantry and the artillery, the combat support services, and the combat support arms. Although in December 1983, then Head of State Major General Muhammadu Buhari announced that Nigeria could not sustain that, the Nigerian army has continued to take part in such missions. The mission of the SSS/DSS is to protect and defend the Federal Republic of Nigeria against domestic threats, to uphold and enforce the criminal laws of Nigeria, and to provide leadership and criminal justice services to both federal and state law-enforcement organs. The Army trains, equip, and organise new officers that will be able to carry out combat operations on land. Yahaya Balarabe. However, irrespective of your experience or what you know about the police, the primary duties of the police are clearly stated out. Read Also. This is coming following the suspension of his first account which... Fidelity Bank transfer code makes it easy to send money to any bank in Nigeria by dialing a simple USSD code. functions and duties in the society are natural to be varied, and multifarious on the one hand; and complicated, knotty and complex on the other. However, there are some responsibilities that all military personnel have to fulfill. However, there are some responsibilities that all military personnel have to fulfill. Primary duties of Nigerian police. Opens image gallery. These fatality figures are believed to be conservative estimates and do not include the many lives that were lost to isolated cases of armed robbery, assassinations and unreported communal clashes across Nigeria. Max Siollun is a Nigerian historian and the author of the books Oil, Politics and Violence: Nigeria's Military Coup Culture 1966-1976 and Soldiers of Fortune: A History of Nigeria … £12.99 + £3.90 P&P . Duties of the Nigerian Army Protect Nigerian lives. Reply. If your answer is yes, then welcome aboard. Sergeant. Nigerian Army Medical Corps Nigerian Army Ordinance Corps Electrical and Mechanical Engineers Corps of Military Police Education Corps Finance Corps Army Physical Training Band Corps Chaplain Service Services Roman Catholic Chaplain Service Protestant Islamic Affairs Army Public Relations Legal Service. Needless to say, without the presence of our army, we’ll have more terrorists and insurgents fighting against our nation. The Nigerian army is to guard areas of high importance in Nigeria. The Nigerian Navy (NN) is the sea branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Training and D… This beautiful adage has become relevantly realistic regarding the Nigerian army. Lance Corporal. Right from the borders to the very heart of the nation, the Nigerian army makes sure external forces don’t violate our territories. The Nigerian army is meant to protect the territorial integrity of Nigeria. To defend country from external aggression. Your email address will not be published. Jibril Aminu From Sudan: Who is He? Although the Nigerian army’s primary duty is to protect Nigeria from alien attacks, there are times when the internal conflicts are too much of a task for the paramilitary. Nigerian soldiers, others sent to fight insurgency in Lake Chad, sleeping & eloping with young women’ – UNDP reveals A new report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has accused Nigerian soldiers and other troops sent to fight Boko Haram in the Lake Chad basin, of abandoning their duties to chase women. Required fields are marked *. Here is a list of its most interesting peacetime and wartime duties: To maintain the country’s laws within territorial and internal waters as well as EEZ (this abbreviation stands for the Exclusive Economic Zone). There is no ambiguity as to the specific role(s) the Armed Forces have been constitutionally assigned to play, one of which is to defend the country from […] The Chief of Army Staff, Lt.-Gen. Tukur Buratai has approved new postings and redeployments of some senior officers to different divisions, units and formations, to … They are trying their best to protect the citizens of their country and have done well to make sure that they carry out other functions which will also help the civilians and make the society grow at large. That’s to show how powerful the Nigerian Army is when it comes to power and politics in Nigeria, In Conclusion, we have given you details about the Nigerian army, we believe this article has been helpful and we have made sure it has answers to all your pending questions. Of late, in spite of the specific role of the military as defined by Section 217 of the Nigerian Constitution it has increasingly been involved in police duties. The quest for the National Identification number (NIN) has become so high and poses a threat to the citizens of the country due to... Are you interested in applying for the Nigerian national ID cards? Some duties of the marine were controlling ports and harbours, dredging channels and bouyages. Reply. This article is aimed at introducing you to the top 10 most popular languages in Nigeria. Picture Information. What are the duties of the Nigerian Army? An NCO’s duty includes taking care of soldiers, which is your priority. Soldier British Cavalry 3rd Hussars . Most recently, in 2013 precisely, Nigeria deployed troops to Mali as part of the African-led International Support Mission to Mali. One thing is being in the Nigerian army, the other is to gain professional skills that can help you as a soldier perform your duties and functions effectively. In fact, it is the largest component of the Nigerian Military Forces. So come with me as we look at some of its functions. Another primary function of the police is to … It’s role can not be underrated. They have to be disciplined to make sure they can achieve all this, the army has been trained for such tasks which have made it possible for them to carry it well. £12.99 + £3.90 P&P . 3 years ago read comments by Johnson Olawale. NaijaHomeBased is an independent news website that publishes factful and unbiased reports on entertainment, music, fashion, everything Nigeria and more. They also strive to promote regional stability, encourage democratic institutions, and deter conflict. There might be several areas of high importance which you might not know about, several soldiers are being placed at different locations and given rules which they have to adhere to, they are to guard that place well to avoid external or internal threats. It was founded in 1960, the same year Nigeria got its independence. Its secondary role includes inspection, repairs and the disposal of ammunition, clothing, technical and general stores. Following the constitution in treating civilians is also part of their job, they have also been taught the constitution and to follow the rules and strictly adhere to the rules, defaulting of the rules can lead to several punishments which will be given to them for a certain period of time. A popular saying has it that "Whenever Eagles condescend and begin to mingle with other birds, they will begin to partake in the consumption of the dead like vultures". Ok. The incident that spurred SARS' formation was death of Col. Rindam ( Nigerian Army) at the hands of police officers at a checkpoint in Lagos on September 1992, later leading to the arrest of three police officers. To defend country from external aggression. infantry Nigerian Army Ordnance Corps (NAOC) is one of the major logistics corps of the Nigerian Army. A soldier of this rank can be identified by the “double V” badge on the uniform. It explained his instant establishment of the novel Human … Of late, in spite of the specific role of the military as defined by Section 217 of the Nigerian Constitution it has increasingly been involved in police duties. Nigerian Army has appointed some senior officers to new positions. Protection of lives and property of the citizens. The commissioned officers for the Nigerian Army are as follows: Field Marshal. The director, Army Public Relations, Brigadier-General Sani Usman, who made this known in a statement, said that the payment which started in 2016,… Duties: Battalion Lieutenant-Colonel Commanding Officer (CO) Each battalion has exactly one CO, almost always ranked lieutenant-colonel, though acting commanders of lower rank were sometimes found until a man had been confirmed in the position, or if he was only replacing the lieutenant-colonel temporarily. The Nigeria Army’s 7 Division in Maiduguri, Borno State,on Wednesday, set up a general court martial to try four officers and 16 soldiers for offences which include criminal sales of arms to non-military persons as well as abuse of human rights during the ongoing war against Boko Haram in northeast Nigeria. As with any huge employer, some men and women will be responsible for filing and report-keeping, and others will be responsible for training new recruits. The Federal Capital Territory [FCT] has warned security men against flouting the restriction order. Reply. The witnesses say that at least two people were shot, their condition was not immediately known. Reply. We believe the question deserved a detailed piece and that’s what we composed in this article in giving you answers to your questions.

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