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Member States retain the right to determine volumes of admission for people coming from third countries to seek work. Throughout history, the region has been a central part of global migration systems which its States helped to establish and shape, mainly through mercantilist and colonial expansions. The site is designed for policy makers, national statistics officers, journalists and the general public interested in migration. The visa is valid for the period of the work contract. Mass European emigration to the Americas, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand took place in the 19th and 20th centuries. The relevant Agencies are: The Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD) is a European Commission initiative on better knowledge management for sound EU policy making. Detailed data on different breakdowns of population, live births, deaths, immigration and emigration flows at the national as well as regional level are provided by the countries by the end of each year. Based on the data received, after a series of validation checks, Eurostat calculates a set of demographic indicators and publishes the statistics. Data on population demography and migration are collected annually: countries report to Eurostat their population statistics on 1st January, along with breakdowns of the population by various characteristics. If you want to apply for a temporary job, you must send the application to the employer. All of these issues would make it very difficult to build a homogeneous and coherent Europe-wide picture of the migration situation. There must be no fact in existence that would have prevented the grant of the visa, if it had been known by the authorities before the visa was issued. Europe and immigration still seems to be the only way to survive for third-country nationals. Eventually, the new data submissions may be enshrined in new EU legislation, guaranteeing a very high level of quality and compliance. Asylum seekers from Eastern Europe seeking refuge in Western Europe. The European Commission (Eurostat) and EU Agencies then validate, consolidate and disseminate official statistics and operational data respectively, thus making available data that are comparable at European level. A labour market test is applied when it is verified that job opportunities exist but have not been taken up by qualified Portuguese citizens, EU and EEA citizens, or non-EU workers who legally live in Portugal. Arabian Horizon is a renowned immigration consultant offering specialized immigration services around the world. The national census exercises are also undertaken following international guidelines and recommendations prepared by the United Nations in cooperation with Eurostat. The European Citizens' Initiative is a unique way for you to help shape the EU by calling on the European Commission to propose new laws. Data are provided by the Member States since reference year 2008 on the basis of the Migration Statistics Regulation (Regulation (EC) No 862/2007), with the exception of asylum data on applications and first instance decisions for which data prior to 2008 are also available. Are you a non-EU citizen wishing to work as an employed worker in Portugal? Enforcement of Immigration Legislation (EIL) data collection provides annual data. Public thinks immigration can be controlled without Brexit, poll finds. Accordingly, updates in the Eurostat database may occur outside of the four major updates outlined here. See how it works step by step. FAQ. Immigration to Europe has a long history, but increased substantially in the later 20th century. The primary data sources are population censuses, administrative data or surveys. The definition of population is thus uniform in this case for all countries. EU legislation, proposed by the European Commission and approved by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, dictates which data Member States are required to submit to various EU institutions (Eurostat for statistical data, EASO for asylum data, Frontex for data on external border security, eu-LISA for aspects like digitalised fingerprints, cross-border crime, or visa data). Our Team. Moreover, the pandemic has highlighted the role that migrant workers play in Europe's coronavirus response; according to study by the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre, 13 per cent of key workers are immigrants, and in most countries, the share of Extra-EU key workers is larger than the EU-mobile one (JRC, 2020). If you lose your job, you will need to prove sufficient means of subsistence in order to renew your residence permit. South Western Europe perfect dreamland in the heart of europe. EASO operations expand to all major EU countries of first arrival. The status is valid for an unlimited period of time. Environment. Such a regional picture is essential for the definition, implementation and evaluation of EU policies, and is equally important for other data users such as researchers and journalists. This report looked at migration data gaps from the perspective of EU policymaking, which often is not restricted to events in Europe but have a global scope. European immigrants in the United States have largely dwindled in number since 1960, after historically making up the bulk of immigration to the country. An example is the Swiss VSJF-database . Data are collected at national and at regional level. However, the flow of immigrants to European countries is not decreasing but growing. Due to Schengen Agreement reached in 1985 among the majority of the EU member states, the citizens of All data are produced according to national practice and supplied to Eurostat according to the Eurostat methodological and technical guidance for each part of the data collection. >Africa > NATO > Asia and the Pacific > Global issues > Council of Europe > Development cooperation > Human Rights > Disarmament and non-proliferation > Sustainable development > 21st Century Diplomacy > Spain on the United Nations Human Rights Council > Spain and the United States > G-20 and OECD > Gibraltar > Ibero-America > España Global > Mediterranean > United Nations > Near … By submitting my email address, I agree to receiving occasional newsletters and updates from the Migration Data Portal. Since the mid-20th century, Europe has steadily become a region of net immigration, with the main features of successive immigration waves as follows: The increased relevance of migration in the EU policy agenda has resulted in calls for accurate, timely, and accessible migration data, essential to inform both policy makers and the general public. Institutional and legal frameworks have been developed by the European Union (EU) with the aim of ensuring that migration data are of high quality, comparable across countries as a result of harmonization (as established in the legal basis) and easily accessible. As shown in the top left part of the accompanying infographic, users interested in a country-wide perspective of a migration aspect can access the platform from that Member State. Data are sent within three months after the end of the reference year. The end of guest-worker programmes resulted in permanent settlement of immigrant workers triggering family reunification especially from North Africa and Turkey; Immigration of low skilled workers from North Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe generated by demand in service and domestic sectors; and. European Immigration. (individuals leaving the country). OM Assisted Voluntary Return & Reintegration 2019, Labour market (including Labour Force Survey (LFS)), Income, social inclusion and living conditions, Population change – Demographic balance and crude rates at national level, Population change – Demographic balance and crude rates at regional level, Metadata file and data collection guidelines, Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD), European Commission’s Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs, Population (Demography, Migration and Projections). To enter Portugal as a worker for a period of less than six months, you must have a valid temporary stay visa. Data on vital events (births, deaths) and migration (number of immigrants and emigrants that year, as well as acquisitions of citizenship) are also reported, resulting in a wealth of information on the European population. Welcome to the EU Immigration Portal. The Institute for Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) will first evaluate all offers for temporary appointment submitted by employers. The Portal aims to serve as a single access point to timely, comprehensive migration statistics and reliable information about migration data globally. 2. In addition, some of the datasets are mandatory for the Member States, while other datasets are only supplied to Eurostat on a voluntary basis and, as a consequence, often cover a reduced subset of countries. As of mid-June 2020, 6 per cent of airports, 25 per cent of land border crossing points and 9 per cent of “blue border” (sea, river or lake) crossing points were closed for their entry and exits in the European Economic Area (EEA) (IOM, 2020). 3. The “Immigration portal”: all information about moving to the EU. The Institute for Employment and Professional Training (IEFP) will first evaluate all offers for temporary appointment submitted by employers. Services. Residence visa for exercising a professional activity as an employee. We are commended by our clients for our experience in Europe and UK immigration services. You must submit the application to the SEF of your area of residence. The following datasets show an EU-wide perspective on migration issues. 1. And if you have been exploited for work, who can you call for support? The government of Bermuda has launched a stand-alone website to facilitate applications for its revamped one-year residency permit. You must not have been the subject of an order to leave Portugal or an entry ban, nor of an alert under the Schengen Information System or on the SEF's Integrated Information System for the purpose of refusing entry. The EU institutions carry out quality checks, consolidation and dissemination of the data. UK Politics. Throughout history, the region has been a central part of global migration systems which its States helped to establish and shape, mainly through mercantilist and colonial expansions. The pandemic has substantially reduced the number of irregular arrivals to the EU in the past months. EU institutions constitute a necessary layer to work towards the required comparability of data across Member States. Once in Portugal, you must apply for a residence permit. Institute for Employment and Professional Training (IEFP), High Commission for Immigration and Intercultural Dialogue, Alto Commissariado para a Imigracao e Dialogo Intercultural (ACIDI), Ministry of Internal Administration (MAI), Portuguese embassies and consulates abroad, Ministry of Solidarity Employment and Social Security (MSESS),, European Web Site Against trafficking in human beings. European Dreams . Transatlantic migration can be seen as an extension of long-standing patterns of movement within Europe that stretch back to the Middle Ages. The Eastern Mediterranean route refers to the sea crossing from Turkey. Furthermore, Member States may elaborate data following their own policy information needs, which could result in data comparability issues across countries. The KCMD maintains two data portals: The European Migration Network (EMN) is an official EU-wide network of national contact points that provides up-to-date, objective, reliable and comparable information on migration and asylum in Europe with a view to inform policy making in the EU and the wider public. The pandemic has also affected employment and migrants’ integration as closures and social distancing measures have made an impact on administrative procedures for obtaining residence and work permits, language acquisition, and integration programmes (EC, 2020). In April 2020, the number of detections of irregular border crossing (IBCs) on Europe’s main migratory routes fell by 85 per cent from the previous month to around 900, the lowest total since Frontex began collecting border data in 2009 (Frontex, 2020). Migration policy is intended to establish a balanced approach to dealing with both regular and irregular immigration. The EC long-term residence status can be granted by the SEF after five years of continuous and legal residence. This legal framework aims to achieve high-quality, harmonized outputs and hence facilitate data comparisons. In exceptional cases, if you are already in Portugal and upon proposal of the SEF's General Director or the Minister for Internal Administration, you may be exempted from the obligation to hold a valid residence visa. The residence visa does not automatically grant you a right of residence. In North America, immigration was dominated by British, Irish, French and other Northern Europeans. If your application for a residence permit is refused, you may challenge the decision before the administrative court. In fact, most countries make it pretty straightforward for you to become a long-term resident there because it means they'll be able to tax your earnings. The employer sends the employment contract to successful applicants or a promise of contract as well as a declaration issued by the IEFP that the job offer is included in the quota and was not taken up in accordance with the principle of preference by a local worker. Andorra. If you hold a temporary residence permit for exercising a professional activity, you may be authorised to perform a self-employed activity provided you obtain the necessary permission from the relevant Portuguese authorities. Besides recent data, historical data is also openly available in the European Open Data Portal. They receive, process and exchange migration-relevant data collected by Member States and disseminate aggregates, statistics or reports. In April 2020, there was a big huge drop in the overall number of applications for international protection lodged in the EU Member States, continuing the decline which began in March. Start a new life in a country with low crime, free choice of … We have specialty knowledge in international immigration. In contrast with census data, which are usually collected every ten years, these data are updated annually. 1. The national permanent residence permit must be renewed every five years. Where and how to apply. Europe. Asylum data collection provides monthly (asylum applications), quarterly (first instance decisions) and annual (final instance decisions, resettlement, and applications of unaccompanied minors) statistics. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected migration and human mobility in the European region as countries have restricted international, transborder and internal movements to minimize the spread and impact of the pandemic. Most people who want to immigrate to a European country think that's a very difficult and complicated process — but it doesn't have to be this way. A temporary stay visa allows you to work as an employee on a temporary basis (less than six months). EMN publishes reports, studies and policy briefs with analysis of policy and legislative development and implementation. The competition for talent has become global. More. Some of these agencies play a role in various aspects of EU migration policy. Ease of access to data is another strength, since country statistics can be obtained from a single access point (Eurostat). Monthly and quarterly data are sent within two months after the end of the reference period. Read more, Eurostat collects demography and migration data from EU Members States' National Statistical Institutes (NSIs) and from almost all non-EU Member States in Europe (including EFTA countries and candidate countries to the EU). Member States publish these migration data through their own dissemination platforms, usually dependent on the National Statistical Institutes or directly by national Ministries. On these pages you can find practical information about coming to work or study in the EU for more than 90 days and on how to join your family in the EU. The boundaries and names shown and the designations used on this map do not imply official endorsement or acceptance by the United Nations or the International Organization for Migration. Population and Housing Census data represent an essential source of population statistics ranging from the smallest geographical divisions to national and international levels. Migration has become much more diverse in terms of origins of migrants. For longer periods, you must obtain a residence visa. Metadata files and data collection guidelines: Residence permit (Resper) data collection provides annual data. Read more. A temporary residence permit is an official document issued by the SEF which allows you to live in Portugal for a specific period of time. As a general rule, a temporary residence permit is valid for one year, renewable for successive periods of two years. All decisions may be appealed before the administrative courts. You will be notified of the refusal decision as well as the reasons for the decision, the right to appeal and the deadline for making an appeal. The limitations below may therefore refer to data with a European or global coverage. 150 Metcalfe Street, Suite 1900, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2P 1P1 1-613-238-6464 While the portal has been made possible with funding from the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) Switzerland, its content does not necessarily reflect its official policy or position. Based on data supplied by members of the European Statistical System, Eurostat disseminates more than 250 tables of European statistics relevant to migration that could be grouped as follows: Population: Demography & migration, Population projections, Population & housing census, Asylum & managed migration, Migrant integration; Health, Education and training, Labour market (including Labour Force Survey (LFS)), Income, social inclusion and living conditions, Youth, Crime and criminal justice, Quality of life indicators. Data are sent within six months after the end of the reference year. The analysis of these limitations presented next is a summary of a recent KCMD report. Over 160,000 migrants found to be irregularly present in the EU return annually to their countries of origin, whether from. The residence visa allows you to stay in Portugal for four months so that you can submit an application for a residence permit at the SEF. A total of 28,256 migrants were assisted by IOM to return from the European Economic Area (EEA) in 2019, which accounted for 43.6 per cent of the total caseload. In a report published today on a rapid reaction ad hoc visit to Greece in March 2020, the Council of Europe's anti-torture committee (CPT) once again urges the Greek authorities to change their approach towards immigration detention and to ensure that migrants deprived of their liberty are treated both with dignity and humanity. A regular dialogue underpins efforts to continuously improve the quality of data that flow from Member States, to EU institutions, to end users, as described in the previous paragraph. Brussels outlines plan for inclusion of migrants — 25 November 2020, 16:50 CET A new plan on Integration and Inclusion for 2021-2027, unveiled by the EU Commission Tuesday, addresses barriers that hinder participation and inclusion of people with a … AH is steered by a team of experts with over a decade of domain expertise. Regular immigration: the EU is competent to lay down the conditions governing entry into and legal residence in a Member State, including for the purposes of family reunification, for third-country nationals. These improvements may initially take the form of new data that are submitted to Eurostat by Member States on a voluntary basis. Currently, the coverage generally includes 32 countries, the 27 EU Member States plus the four European Free Trade Association (EFTA) countries. Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography (KCMD): Website of the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs. The number of asylum applications in the first quarter of 2020 has remained on the level of the same period in 2019 and has significantly decreased since then. A continuous process of political dialogue is in place to ensure that the frameworks keep pace with increased demands for information and knowledge. The record low numbers were mainly due to the restrictive measures implemented both by the EU Member States and by third-countries of transit and departure of migration. The aim of the opinion is to call on the representatives of the European Community institutions and national government to take account of the key role of the social partners and organised civil society in providing European immigration policies with a social dimension and added value. These data are made available by the end of September in the database table, Countries provide monthly data on births, deaths, immigration and emigration which occurred within the (reference) year by the end of November and are then published in the database tables, The main annual data collection takes place in the last quarter of the year. The reasons why this is happening are many: Poor economic situation in the country (high unemployment, high prices, low wages and pensions, etc. In order to respond to this challenge, a modern and innovative technical solution for the transmission and dissemination of data and metadata has been developed – the Census Hub. Europe. For long-term employment, you must obtain a residence visa. Two types of permanent status can be obtained in Portugal - a national permanent residence permit or an EC long-term residence permit: The national permanent residence status can be obtained at the SEF after at least five years of legal temporary residence, if during this period you have not been convicted of a prison sentence exceeding one year. Workers, researchers, students and those looking to join their families already in the EU can find information adapted to their needs, about the Member State they are interested in moving to. The legislation also describes the required data breakdowns, the frequency and timeline of data submissions, and accepted methodological guidelines for data collection or elaboration. As a first step it strives to make your life easier by providing information on justice systems and improving access to justice throughout the EU, in 23 languages. Once you have entered Portugal on the residence visa, you can apply for a residence permit. Germany was the top host country in the EEA with the highest number of beneficiaries assisted or 13, 053 migrants (IOM, 2020). The temporal coverage of the datasets can also vary, depending on when the disaggregation by a given variable started. Contact. Since 2018 quarterly return statistics are collected on a voluntary basis. Offers must be published on specific websites. Asylum: including data on asylum applicants, first instance and final decisions on applications taken in appeal, resettlement, taking back or taking charge of asylum seekers (Dublin statistics). Read more, Residence permits: authorizations to stay granted to non-EU citizens by reasons for the permit issuance, stock of valid residence permits, stock of long-term residents, grants of Blue Cards. For example, the Family History Library … Eurostat's statistics on asylum and managed migration come from EU and EFTA Member States’ Ministries of Interior and related Immigration Agencies (see more in the Methodology section and in the Metadata attached to the data tables). For an overview of migration data relevant to COVID-19, including data covering European countries, go to the Portal’s new thematic page. This helps to ensure comparability of the EU census data. The richness and the volume of data collected by the NSIs also demanded a new means of data transmission. EU immigration policy. The geographical coverage of the Eurostat data has developed along with the enlargement of the EU, but has always included more countries than the EU Member States. Temporary stay visa. Annual data are sent within three months after the end of the reference year. EU legislation in the migration domain aims to achieve a very high level of data comparability thanks to harmonization as established in the legal basis, and follow-up of EU bodies (Eurostat) of the compliance of Member States. The European Council conclusions state that immigration is “a challenge not only for a single Member State, but for Europe as a whole”. Until the end of the Second World War, most migration was within and out of Europe. First, a quick clarification. To strengthen the Commission’s overall response to the opportunities and challenges presented by migration, the KCMD aims to be the point of reference to support the work of Commission services and Member States on migration and related issues. An application may be refused on grounds of public order, public security and the risk that may result from that person remaining on the Portuguese territory. Europe has been a crossroads of human mobility since ancient times. One stage is the discussion between European Commission Directorate Generals in charge of various migration-related policies, notably the Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs, and Eurostat to try and identify policy information needs that could be satisfied with new statistical data (or enhancing existing data, e.g. To obtain a residence visa, you must prove that you: You must also prove sufficient means of subsistence, travel insurance and a return ticket. The Council calls for “full EU support” to member states and continuing EU financing of the Facility for Refugees in Turkey, the EU Trust Fund for … These tables provide different degrees of disaggregation, usually for the most common variables (sex, age, country of birth, country of citizenship). Both globally and in Europe, most migration is intra-continental. Eastern European Immigration. The data quality gradually improves through this continuous dialogue. European Visas and immigration This page is about the type of European Visas. Since then the number of irregular arrivals on this route has greatly reduced thanks to close cooperation between the EU and Turkey. Today, immigrants from Eastern Europe account for the largest share of European arrivals, and Europeans overall are much older and more educated than the total foreign- and native-born populations. ); At the same time, European countries are implementing some good practices that support migrants across various integration areas (Council of Europe, 2020). Workers should speak English before moving to UK, Patel says. UK Politics. Integration: the EU may provide incentives and support for measures taken by Member States to promote the integration of legally resident third-country nationals; EU law makes no provision … You must prove sufficient means of subsistence, travel insurance and a return ticket. Once you have a contract, or the promise of contract, you can apply for a residence visa at the embassy or consulate in your country of origin or residence. Does an Indian citizen need a residence permit to study in Spain? The consolidation and expansion of the EU regime of free movement facilitated the mobility of high- and low-skilled workers and generated flows from Central and Eastern Europe to Western and Southern Europe; New waves of immigration from North and Central Africa, Latin America and Asia to Southern Europe; and, Geopolitical unrest in the Middle East and North Africa prompted a surge in the numbers of arrivals in Southern Europe of asylum seekers trying to reach Northern European destinations (see also, The Demographic Balance data collection supplies to Eurostat the first demographic data of the year, The total usually resident population is collected by the end of August from EU Member States to fulfil specific purposes linked to EU legislation, in particular the weighting by Qualified Majority of the votes in the Council of the European Union. Data are provided by countries under EU regulations as well as on a voluntary basis. Where do you apply for a German work permit? In 2021, EASO’s operational support to national asylum and reception authorities will cover all five Mediterranean EU Member States which receive the most asylum applications, accounting for 50% of the Agency’s budget. In a following stage, the feasibility to meet the identified statistical requirements is discussed with Member States in established Working Groups. Based on population, vital events and migration trends, Eurostat also produces population projections every three years, to estimate the likely future size and structure of population. The major European ports of departure in the nineteenth century included Liverpool, LeHavre, Bremen, Hamburg, and Antwerp. Some countries kept records of their emigrantsLook this term up in the glossary. The data presented here are based on a set of European statistical legislation that provides key statistical definitions and defines the data and metadata to be produced.

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